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Project that creates a play of lights on the led strip according to the sounds captured around it.

In general, people love music, and also the lights, that’s why we thought of uniting them and getting to create this project. It is useful for ambiance, for decor lovers who include LED strips. It is a project that can be folded on several needs, being possible to place it in different shapes or places, depending on the desire of each (for example, we can create a picture frame, we can hang the LEDs in the corners or behind the TV, and ideas can go on and on).

Technology today has managed to develop extremely fast and amazing. It will always manage to bring a plus in our life and improve it. Through the idea of ​​our project we want to bring a plus in the area of ​​music and scenery, it is the basis of several ideas that can be implemented to create a pleasant atmosphere for those who use it.

The project works using a raspberry pi zero being the one that processes the code, retirve the information from the sensor (in our case this is the microphone) and these are transmitted to the led strip to create the play of lights.

Note:In the project is made a comparison between headphones gamer HyperX Cloud II, Mic with 18 kHz frequency and mini USB Mic with 10-16 kHz frequency. It can be observed as at a lower frequency project performance decreases( the sounds are not so well received and because of that the intensity of the LEDs is not so good)”

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