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Digital RPi LED Thermometer

Learn how i made this Digital LED Thermometer, with a Raspberry Pi Zero W, LED strip, an OLED Display, and a custom PCB.
It automatically cycles thought a list of cities, and displays the temperature on the OLED display, and the LED’s. But you can also manually select a city to display, with the buttons on the side. On top of that, it will shut off the LED’s and the OLED, if it’s been inactive for a few minutes, and will turn back on, if it detects a significant light change (Controlled by an LDR).
Supplies:- A Raspberry Pi Zero W
- A 1.5 Inch OLED Module by Waveshare
- A 5V 2.4A Power Supply for Raspberry Pi
- A 5m WS2812B LED Strip, 30 LEDs/m
- Screws, washers, bolts and standoffs.
- A Custom PCB, with buttons, a switch, an ldr, pin-headers, and more
- Soldering iron and solder
- Hot glue
- Wood glue
- 4mm and 6mm plywood
- 3mm white acrylic”

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