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This instructable will show you how to build a Raspberry Pi-based tracker for the shared coffee machine in your office space. Using the tracker’s OLED display and mechanical switches, the users can log their coffee consumption, see their balance and register their payments.

Your system will be able to

read/write data from/to a Google Sheet
display user names
record the coffee consumption of the users
record the payments of the users
show the balances of the users
(1x) Raspberry Pi Zero W (Wireless)
(1x) Micro USB Cable
(1x) 8GB Micro SD Memory Card
(1x) 128x64 Monochrome OLED Graphic Display
(1x) 2x20 Female Headers (2.54)
(3x) Mechanical Keyboard Switch
(3x) Keycap
(1x) Custom-built PCB (You can find schematic and PCB design here.)”

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