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Build an FM Radio Player with Meadow

Learn how to make an FM radio with a TEA5767 radio module, push buttons and a I2C OLED display, all using Meadow. Foundation.

Lets build a full functioning FM radio player using a TEA5767 FM radio module, and an intuitive UI using push buttons to change stations and an OLED display to see the station you’re listening to. Most of the components needed to build this project is included in the Wilderness Labs Meadow F7 w/Hack Kit Pro.

Both the radio module and the display uses an I2C bus protocol that helps you connect these peripherals with only 2 pins on the Meadow board. You can read more about I2C here. We’ll be making a Meadow Application project that runs full.NET, and we’ll use Meadow.Foundation to simplify the logic to control all the peripherals.

Meadow.Foundation Is a platform for quickly and easily building connected things using.NET on Meadow. Created by Wilderness Labs, It’s completely open source and maintained by the Wilderness Labs community.

If you’re new working with Meadow, I suggest you go to the Getting Started w/ Meadow by Controlling the Onboard RGB LEDproject to properly set up your development environment.”

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