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JetCar, the mini self-driving car project

The JetCar is a mini self-driving car based on the Jetson Nano. It navigates on a street map and obeys stop text and direction arrows.

The JetCar is a 3D printed car around the Jetson Nano development board from NVIDIA with minimal additional electronics for driving. Just using the camera stream as input, it can not only follow street markings but also automatically turn left or right at intersections where allowed. Through machine learning it recognizes direction arrows, stop texts and stop lines on the street. The model architecture is a U-Net. It creates very visual class images that are processed in the firmware, which is written in Python controlled by a Jupyter notebook. The user connects to the car from a host computer via WiFi and the operator simply requests direction changes for the next intersection. But it only turns, if the direction is not restricted by a direction arrow on the street.

The project includes the mechanical design, electronics design, firmware and tools for data preparation, model training and street map generation. The documentation describes all parts in detail. All source codes and binaries are made available in GitHub.(

The documentation is meant to help anyone to build this car at home, to try it out and to tinker with it.”

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