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Bluepill Diagnostics V1.6

My Blue Pill Diagnostics project grew from an interest to create a self contained binary that would boot on a (64KB flash) Blue Pill board and access internal JDEC, DEBUG, ID and hardware information via USB and a Serial Terminal on the PC. This information would be then used to determine the mcu MAKE and MODEL.

V1.0 was released in November 2019 and it has taken two years to collate and study user clone/fake information because not a lot is known about these counterfeits which are usually (mis)labelled as genuine STMicrolectronics chips much to the annoyance of the Chinese MCU manufacturers who I’m informed license the Cortex-M3 core from ARM.

This interest was kindled by various forum articles from Blue Pill owners who had dodgy boards and no way to ‘look inside the chip’.”

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