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A STM32 Blue Pill-based NeoPixel emulator

Ever need to blink your NeoPixels but you either didn’t have enough or they’re already installed in a project you don’t have within easy reach?

Enter the NeoPill, an easy to make NeoPixel emulator that taps off of your target microcontroller to graphically emulate NeoPixels on your PC. Consider it a NeoPixel to USB bridge.

This project started as an investigation into STM CubeMX operation – I’d be lying if I said configuring the powerful STM32 timers were easy – and after looking at examples online, reading (and re-reading) manuals, and spending time with the debugger I got something working ok.

All you need is:
- A STM32 Blue Pill.
- A few jumpers.
- USB cable.
- A PC running some python code.”

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