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Create a rotating lithophane lamp that when triggered will play music and LED animations

A lithophane is a translucent, etched object that once back lit will display an image. With 3d printers readily available it is easy to create a lithophane in a variety of shapes and sizes.

This project was intended to create a lithophane lamp, but rather then just be static I wanted the lamp to rotate creating a 360 degree lithophane “lamp shade” allowing all sides to be visible without the viewers having to move themselves.

After the initial design I decided it would be interesting to add a giant button, that when pressed would start a music and light show for everyone.

The project consists of 5 major components:

The cylinder lithophane
The electronics to run the lamp
Gears and housing so the lithophane is spinning at a slow enough rate
Enclosure to hold all the components
The code making everything work
The lithophane we will be generating will be 152mm tall and require a circumference of 375mm, resulting in a diameter of 119mm. This information is important to ensure the image the lithophane is created from has the right length to width size ratio. The length becomes the height and the width the circumference.

The above measurements means the circumference to height ratio is 2.47. In practice this may vary depending on the thickness of the lithophane and accuracy of your 3d printer.”

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