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Most of the time, i’m wondering where is the ISS looking up the sky. To answer this question, i’ve made a physical object to know exactly where is the ISS in real time.

The ISS Tracking Lamp is a Internet connected lamp which constantly tracks the ISS and displays it location on Earth’s surface (printed in 3D).

Bonus: the lamp also displays the sunny side of Earth with Neopixels!

So, in this Instructables, we are going to see the differents steps to build this lamp based on WEMOS D1 Mini, stepper motor, servo motor, laser and 3D parts.

I build all by myself, except for the 3D printed Earth, which was purchased on Aliexpress.

Software :

- Arduino based code
- API ISS Location : Open Notify - Current Location of the ISS (by Nathan Bergey)
- Parsing data : ArduinoJson Library (by Benoit Blanchon)

CAD & Parts :

- 3D Printed Earth of 18cm diameter (purchased on Aliexpress : here )
- 3D printed motor supports - designed with Fusion 360 and printed with Prusa i3 MK2S
- Copper tube
- Concrete base, made with The French Vikings

Hardware :

- Microcontroller : Wemos D1 Mini (wifi antenna integrated)
- Servo EMAX ES3352 MG
- Stepper Motor 28byj-48 (with the ULN2003 driver board)
- 10 NeoPixels LED
- Laser of 405 nm wavelength
- Limit Switch
- 5V 3A Power Supply”

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