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This little thing is a free open source DIY intervalomenter for timelapse photography based on the Teensy 3.2 board. This controller is fully functional and still new features are being added from time to time. You are also able to download the code and do your own modifications.

Lapse Controller Mini features

Intervals can be defined in 0.1 second steps
Easily operable with gloves
Easy readable screen (from bright sunlight to black night)
Detailed info of the timelapse status (remaining photos, remaining time, etc)
Timelapse parameters can be updated while running
Supports any camera where an standardized analog release cable is available
12hr operation, battery recharged via micro-USB
Technical details

Teensy 3.2 board (72 MHz Cortex-M4)
3.5mm stereo jack for camera connection
128x64 TFT Screen that auto turns-off for saving battery
2 switch buttons + nav button switch
Rechargable Li-Ion 600mAH
Internal buzzer
On/off switch
RTC (Real time clock)
Custom designed 3d printed case
This tutorial assumes that you know basic electronic stuff

How to solder electronic components
How to 3d print (or how request a 3d print)
Arduino IDE basics (how to compile, upload firmware, install Teensy for Arduino Ide)
Attached you will find everything you need to complete this project.

Custom PCB - download Schematic/Board files
Components list - download here
3d printed case - Cad design and LST files here
Firmware - Arduino sketch here”

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