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Datalogger System for Formula Student


Formula Student the world most established educational engineering competition which uses motorsport to inspire students.

Backed by industry and high-profile engineers such as Patron, Ross Brawn OBE, the competition aims to develop enterprising and innovative young engineers and encourage more young people to take up a career in engineering. The format provides an ideal opportunity for students to demonstrate their engineering knowledge and test and improve their capabilities to deliver a complex and integrated product in the demanding environment of a motorsport competition.


The main function of the datalogger module is to read two CAN communication BUS and record the information present on the BUS on an SD card at a rate of 200Hz, to later analyze the information regarding the vehicle’s operation. In the module developed as it is to be integrated in a vehicle to compete in the formula student event, it has incorporated other features such as:

- 2 digital and 4 analog inputs with respective signal conditioning;
- 4 status smd leds;
- A 5V Series and 3.3V communication bus;
- Lap trigger;
- RTC to know exactly when the data is being recorded,
- A circuit capable of detecting a power failure in the module’s power supply and ordering the closing of the SD card beforehand for not to lose the data acquired.

The whole system was designed with the aim of being as compact as possible.

- Teensy 3.6;
- CAN MCP2562 transceiver;
- Voltage regulator switched from 12V to 5V R-78E5.0-1.0 Recom;
- Ampop Comparator MCP6542.”

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