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A Practical 4-Bit Educational Computer
A re-implementation & extension of a classic 4-bit education system from 1981 - the Busch 2090 Microtronic Computer System. This Next Generation Microtronic offers SDcard-based file storage, extended programming and debugging facilities utilizing its large LCD, a battery backed-up real time clock, built-in sound capabilities, and far greater (but adjustable) computing speed. It also acts as a 2095 cassette interface emulator for the classic 1981 Microtronic computer by plugging into its expansion port. The Microtronic has a very comfortable, versatile and intuitive instruction set. The (German) instruction manuals are exceptionally well written. This unique combination makes the system stand out from its 4-bit competition as an education system, even nowadays. It is still highly effective in teaching students the basics of microcomputer (machine code) programming and IMHO, there is no better 4-bit trainer available.”

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