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This is a photo album that can play pictures in jpg format.

Last week I made an electronic photo album that I could place on my work desk to show some photos. I can take a look at relaxing when I’m tired at work. Previously I have implemented the display of pictures in which the format is BMP on LCD. Nowadays most of the pictures we get using mobile phones, or cameras are in JPG format that not work on LCD.

In this tutorial, I want to share how to build a digital album that can display pictures in JPG format. This tutorial was going to achieve the goals:

Read and display JPG format pictures from the SD card.
Switch pictures automatically or manually.

The ESP32 TFT LCD with Camera module is equipped with a 320 x 240 LCD display, which uses the ili9341 drive library. The touch chip STMPE610 is equipped on the board for touch control. In addition, the SD card module has been integrated on the board.

The ESP32 TFT LCD with Camera module meets all my needs that I don’t have to look for other modules. If you have all of those modules to replace it, you can build your own digital album.”

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