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Once I had made a project about the CO2 monitor that had such a problem. The displayed value changes too frequently and fluctuates greatly, which makes it impossible for me to accurately judge the CO2 level. I have a point to make it better nowrecord the history level and draw its to a line.

For a parameter that is very easy to cause change with a significant range, it makes no meaning to check the level at a certain moment. Like the CO2 level, a very high concentration may be reached at this moment, but it may return to normal in the next moment in a certain area. Usual temperature and humidity in the air are measured by checking the current value, but the CO2 concentration measurement is different. It is the level obtained by measuring the concentration in a certain space with the sensor, which there are too many factors affected: wind, people breathing, temperature, humidity and so on. So recording the historical value is important to judge the CO2 level and changes.”

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