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Remote Shutter Circuit : Pentax K1000 Film Camera

Ill be using the Raspberry Pi PICO to make a infrared remote shutter for an old film camera.
This is the equivalent of a simple remote shutter operated by a small button you might use on a dslr camera, or even a remote trigger button that came with your tripod.
To show you how this works the basic operation of this circuit can be defined in 3 steps
1. The Button on the infrared remote is pressed
2. The circuit turns on
3. The servo moves and makes the camera take a picture
There is however a little more going on behind the scenes that makes it work but that’s the simplified version.
Step 1 is covered next!

The parts I used in the test rig were:

1.An Arduino Nano microcontroller
2.A PICO microcontroller
2x Bread boards
5Volt Relay Infrared receiver
Servo Motor
NPN Transistor
2x LEDs Diode
2x 100 Ohm resistors 1x 15k Ohm resistor 1x 3k Ohm resistor
Philips Infrared Remote Control (or any type of infrared transmitting device)
14 Jumper wires males to male and male to female if your planning on only making the breadboard style test circuit
USB Cable

Tools: Side cutters
Soldering Iron
Flux cored Solder
hot glue gun
X-ACTO blade
5 Volt power source or 9V battery (if using 9V battery only connect to VIN terminal on Arduino)
Electric Drill
Drill bit set”

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