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Here we have a clock that presents the current time on an 64x32 RGB LED using a “Matrix-like” falling particle effect.
The clock also offers other presentation styles, including an “advanced” matrix that does not show the numbers (you can learn to read the clock based on colors and particle speeds).
Although the images above give you a basic idea, they can’t show you the dynamic range of the LED or the visual impression of 200 FPS animations,
The project’s firmware is designed to easily incorporate support for other hardware configurations. Included in the code is an 8x8 “Dotstar” matrix version that was my first version. This documentfocuses on the newer 64x32 model, which I prefer. If you want to learn more details on the dotstar build, I have a separate document for ithere.


- Microcontroller: Raspberry PI Pico ($4)
- LED Matrix 64x32: ($30) There are many vendors of this display - I assume they have similar hardware.
- Clock: DS3231-based RTC module ($4). This part is optional-but-recommended. The clock’s firmware can be built to use the PI Pico itself as a clock but you will lose battery backup and the time will drift more.
- Buttons: I used 2 6 mm push buttons for control (<$1) and one 6x3 SMD button for optional reset capability.
- Connectors:
- I used one right-angle 8x2 2.54 pitch male pin header to connect the Pico to the matrix using the interface cable that is usually bundled with the 62x32 display.
- I used a 2x1 angled 2.54 pitch pin header for connecting the LED power input. Direct solder is an option.
- I used a 3x1 angled 2.54 pitch pin header for connecting the buttons. Direct solder is an option.
- I used a 220 uF capacitor to reduce 5V noise. Somewhat larger or smaller values should also work fine.
- Circuit board for assembling components.
- I ordered a PCB from for the main board . I could have wired everything up on perf board, but the large number of pin connections would have made it difficult to get a clean result.
- There is a separate PCB for the buttons. This board is very simple so any build technique should be straight-forward. I used my CNC machine to cut a board within an hour. If you order a main board, you might opt to bundle the button pcb with the order.”

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