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A 2021 revision of the original MBC design by Fabio Defabis with disk emulation on microSD. Runs CP/M + applications with a VT100 terminal.

The Z80-MBC3 is a single board computer available as a kit. It can be assembled by everyone who has basic knowledge of electronics, and is intended for those who like to explore the early days of personal computing from the eighties. The Z80 being the most popular microprocessor then is still available today, and with the help of modern parts the Z80-MBC3 features a fully functional computer with only four integrated circuits, two push buttons, two LEDS, some resistors and capacitors. Those are all through hole (THT) types to ease the soldering process. Only basic tools like a soldering iron, a multimeter, cutting pliers are needed.

A functional description is listed under the Wiki. The Z80-MBC3 is an open source project. The documentation and software is made public here on Github.

The schematic diagram created with Kicad is in the file : Rev3A-2512.pdf (Revision 3A).The PCBs for the kits have been designed with Kicad as well.A kit comprises a microSD card - SPI module for disk emulation and the microSD card contains a working copy of the software published for the Z80-MBC2. It also includes the other plug-in modules: a DS3231 Real Time Clock, a FT232RL USB - TTL adapter, and USB cable to connect to a host. You will need a host computer with USB port which can be used as your terminal. A VT100 terminal emulation program such as PuTTY, Tera Term, and the like connects to the serial port.”

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