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in this Instructable I want to show you, how you can build your own Digital RMS Amperemeter for your Laser Tube.
While working with my Co2-Laser for a while now, I wanted to knew all the parameters about the Laser Tube. However the most common setup to measure the Current of the Lasertube is to use an analog Amperemeter like this one:

It wasn’t my favorite at all, so I have put it in my switch cabinet, but because the knowlegde of the current is so important I have startet to design my own Digital Amperemeter.

Features of the Amperemeter:
- TRUE RMS Measurement of the Current
- 0-30 mA Range with a Resolution of 0.1 mA
- TFT-Display
- One Digital Input for safety control
- 24 V Input Voltage
- Cost: +-20€”

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