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Shapeshifter V2

made in Italy by

Shapeshifter is an Open Source and Open Hardware User Expandable Drum Machine Users can expand both firmware and hardware.

The v2, based on TEENSY 3.6, has the following features:

- 24 Buttons
- 3 Potentiometers
- 1 Encoder
- 163 RGB led
- Multifunctional led matrix
- 2 programmable audio outputs
- Clock In, Clock Out and Reset
- 4 Trigger Out for connection with the modular Eurorack world.
- MIDI In/Out

The initial firmware version will have 4 tracks with samples and 4 trigger tracks.
Ability to save and load presets and patterns from the SD card

The fun part: you can create hardware expansions by experimenting on the included breadboard and then creating a proper expansion board!

From the software point of view, the user can indulge himself by creating new synthesis engines, adding tracks, combinations, associating each function with a different LED color … the limit is imagination!

Shapeshifter’s design is open-source, with everything available on Github for the curious musical tinkerers out there. The device is built around a PCB with only through-hole components, making assembly easy for even the least experienced enthusiasts out there. A Teensy 3.6 is then slotted into the socket on the board, providing 180MHz of grunt to run the show. It’s an excellent choice, as the Teensy platform has a huge range of libraries which make it simple to work with audio.”

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