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I am Crius and I LOVE MIDI Controllers!
The last couple of years I started learning about electronics from nothing to be able to build my own MIDI controllers that would serve my needs , taste and be cheaper overall in comparison with the branded products.

The Crius HERMES MIDI Mixer consists of 8 potentiometers and 11 buttons with which we can control parameters of the VST-Plugin or DAW we play music
and 32 LEDs divided into 4 columns (i.e. 8 LEDs for each track) that show us live the Volume value of each track within the DAW program by turning on the corresponding LEDs in each column.

Of the 11 buttons, 8 can be assigned to any DAW parameter we want.
The 2 of the 11 buttons are BANK buttons allow us to assign the 8 potentiometers to 8 more parameters as if we were changing “page” and have 16 potentiometers in 2 “pages”.
Finally, there is another button with which we change the effect of the LEDs from “bar” filling to “moving dot” depending on the Volume value.

- LEDS 3mm x32
- Resistors 220Ω x32
- Shift Registers 74HC595 x4
- Resistors 10kΩ x4
- Analog Multiplexers 74HC4051 x2
- Linear Rotary Potentiometers 10kΩ x8
- Arduino Leonardo Pro Micro (clone) x1
- Momentary switches x11
- IC sockets 16 pin x6 (optionally)
- Micro USB cable x1

- Fritzing (Schematic Designing)
- Arduino IDE

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