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Super Simple Sumo Bot

Hi all!
I am a robotics teacher and I like to make my students think. I teach them how to build robots, but I dont give them all the answers. Sometimes they have to design by themselves a piece of the robot, sometimes is the size of an element that needs to be calculated, and sometimes, like this one, I tell them EXACTLY how to build a robot, but the code I give them, although it is good and will make the robot perform as expected, it can be improved to make your robot more competitive.
Oh! I forgot to tell you! Yes, these are competitive robots. They will fight on a ring, and the best of my students will win a price!
Supplies:Ring: SNUDDA lazy Susan from Ikea: 6 2 Continuous rotation servos with wheels from Aliexpress: 3,5 2 rubber bands: look around. Best ones are those that come with the fresh asparagus you buy at the grocery store IR Sensor from Aliexpress: 1 Ultrasound sensor form Aliexpress: 1,5 Arduino Nano from Aliexpress: 2,2 Small breadboard from Aliexpress: 1,85 for a package of 6 Battery connector + 9v industrial battery: About 1 Wires (7 male-female and 6 male-male): About 0.1 3D printed chassis: Download it from HERE: About 0.2 Add all this up and you will see that for less than 30 you have 2 robots and the ring.”

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