An all-in-one, made to hack step sequencer built around the Teensy platform with LiPo charging, touch TFT, encoders, buttons, and RGB leds.

A fellow coder and I were discussing portable audio sequencers like the Pocket Operator. While research the hacking possibilities for such a device, I found that they are completely closed source, and the existing firmware is read-protected. One post suggested that the Teensy and it’s DSP capabilities could probably be used to build an open source device. I had a teensy 3.2 in my toolbox and decided to investigate further.This project aims to fill a void in open source handheld musical instruments. Being open source and built on a highly capable and extensible platform, hackers are free to modify, create, and remix this design for the common good. I’m very open to suggestions, patches, etc.PCBs on Tindie!”


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