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this is a four channel usb MIDI euclidean sequencer. the sequencer is running on a Teensy 3.5. The setup consist of four rgb rotary encoders from Sparkfun, a Teensy, an ssd1306 lcd, four momentary buttons, and four 16led neopixel rings. The housing is an old case from a bottle of port, for now, and a piece of spare translucent perspex.

Euclidean rhythms are explained by White Noises at the link below. there are three parts,
1. the total number of steps in the sequence
2. the number of hits within those steps
3. how far the sequence is offset by

The euclidean algorithm is used to divide up the number of hits across the number of steps as evenly as possible. So, for example, if we had four hits happening over 16 steps, there would be one hit every four steps. Interesting things happen when the number of beats can not be divided evenly over the number of steps, and also when the number of total steps varies between different channels.”

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