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This project started as a “Stone Soup” instrument that was designed around all of the extra sensors, switches, and other parts lying in my parts bin. The instrument is based around the MIDI_Controller.h Library and the TouchSense capabilities that the Teensy 3.2 board offers. Here is a list of what I used:Teensy 3.2 - Link
(5) 10k rotary potentiometers - Link
(2) 10k sliding potentiometers - Link
(5) LED Pushbuttons - Link
10k Rotary Softpot Touch potentiometer - Link
10k 200mm Softpot Touch Potentiometer - Link
(2) Push Buttons - Link
(3) Piezo Drum Senors - Link
(6) 5v Lasers - Link
(6) Photoresistors - Link
Resistors (10K)
Copper Tape
Soldering Tools”

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