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I call it the C041D-2020
I made this during the second COVID lockdown in UK, from ideas borrowed from about 5 other projects I found here on Instructables and also on Youtube. As you can see from the video it makes acidy noises by covering the photo resistors, or adding lighter to the photo resistors. The Arduino code is also borrowed from other projects here in Instructables.
The noises are produced by the software (Ableton Live/ Lite), using a Plugin called TAL-NoiseMaker, the potentiometers are MIDI-mapped to effects.


1) Just about any Arduino board, I used an ‘Uno’
2) Some Photoresistors, I used 4, it also worked with just one
3) Some potentiometers, I used 5 potentiometers and a slider, - IMPORTANT - they need to be 10k (linear), they are called ‘B10K
4) A resistor, I used 300ohm, I have seen instructions to use a 10k
5) Make some kind of box or enclosure with a top panel or 3D print one
6) Some knobs for the potentiometers

1) Hairless MIDI to Serial Bridge
2) Ableton Live or Lite
3) TAL-NoiseMaker (free VST Plugin)
4) Arduino IDE

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