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Unopad - Arduino MIDI pad controller

Tutorial for creating simple MIDI controller and usage of it in Ableton Live.

Most tutorials and projects for Midi controllers are based only on an explanation of the Arduino work, but not so much on using it in the DAW itself. I wanna to create a tutorial with all the necessary things in one place . With this project, I wanted to help beginners to better understand the process of creating and using a controller, and I hope that it will be useful to someone.

I have wanted to make a midi controller for a long time and I finally did it and now I will share the project with you. I used an Arduino Uno which does not have the ability to send MIDI messages via USB, so special programs had to be used for that (will be explained later in the text).

The following sections will describe the electrical circuit, the Arduino code, as well as how to connect to a computer and DAW, in this case Ableton.”

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