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Hi friends! In this Instructables, Ill show you how I designed, fabricated, assembled, and got running this mini CNC milling machine. I love fabricating and I wanted to make a (relatively) low cost CNC mill to have at home during the pandemic. I also want to give a big shout out to the Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation and UMakers Makerspace for providing me the resources for this project. Additionally, inspiration for this project was drawn from these projects:


Here is a link to a spreadsheet for my bill of materials. It includes the quantity of individual parts in case you already have access to some, as well as links for some of the parts I bought. The parts for this project cost me approximately $375 not including my makerspace fee.

- CNC Router
- Hand drill
- Drill bits for pilot hole for wood screws
- Hacksaw/other type of saw (for possibly cutting the linear rod and lead screws)
- Allen keys (listed in the bill of materials)
- Very little soldering
- Wire cutter/stripper
- Multimeter”

Link to article