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MCUOS - An OS for Arduino Boards

An attempt to make an OS simulator.

I got a little bit of a breathing space this summer and so I decided I’d try something I have heard many people call ‘impossible’ - yes it’s true that it is weird to try and make an OS for an Arduino board(except that Yun, which has a Linux environment embedded in it), but I thought I’d try and be a skeptic and do what I want.

What is this?
This is mainly an operating system (OS) simulator for Arduino boards (I have tried this only on Uno, you may try on other boards and let me know what happened 😅). I am not a CS student or somebody looking forward to be an embedded systems engineer who mainly does coding of operating systems, but a little bit of inspiration fired me up.

Talking about this project, this one is not a perfect simulation and I have tried my maximum to do what I can. I tried to reduce the screen reset interval to 100 milliseconds and it is apparent in the running of the simulator (especially when the launcher runs).

What is this intended for?
I made it so that those beginners at Arduino or microcontroller programming who want to make DIY devices can make them themselves. Not all may be satisfied with what I have made, but still I believe this is a good tool for anyone who is a beginner (like myself 😂). All that you need to do to run my version of this project is to upload the file in the project. Those who wish to make their own versions can fork my code on Github (available here at ; or run git clone in a terminal if you have Git) and edit the source code to suit your needs.

Most videos on YouTube feature smartwatch makers using apps to enable Bluetooth connectivity and thus use such a system to make their watches work. I felt unsatisfied with that - and since all revolutions begin either with the advent of a a different thought or from dissatisfaction, I decided to begin one.”

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