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This project is about the revision and motorization of a great crank operated marble machine, to find on Thanks to 3DprintedMarble for this little machine. I like it very much!
In addition to the “motorization” this is a completely reworked project! I use the base as a container for battery, switch, AC/DC socket and wiring at the same time and therefore I had to redesign it, also the pillars.
Assembly preparations:
There are several parts in this project which are connected with screws.
So you need:
- 8x M3 x 7mm, Phillips round head screws or round head screws with slotted head.
- 1x metal sheet screw (2,2 x 9mm) for fixing the gearwheel. Alternatively you can also glue it.
For the electrics you need the following components:
- AC 125 V 6A ON-ON 3 Pins 2 Position Mini Toggle Switch
- 2.1 x 5.5mm 3-pole DC sockets connector, pin 2,1mm
- Mini DC 6V 30RPM Micro Gear Motor
- Battery clip connector with 15cm connection cable for 9V blocks
- Different colored wire
- Solder
- Soldering iron
For the running of the machine you need:
- 9V battery - to be fixed in the base (3-12V AC/DC universal power supply - for connection to the AC/DC jack)
- Many Steelballs/Marbles 7mm, 12 already make a good appearance … there should be at least 1!
After you have printed all parts start with .
As all parts are designed to fit very precisely, it may happen that you have to rework one or the other part a bit with sandpaper and/or cutter due to different dimensional accuracy of the printers and the different behavior of the filaments.”

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