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Two years ago, by curiosity, I ordered an Arduino starter kit without background on electronic and code. I do not know what happened to me…

I battled during the first two weeks to simply blink a led….

Weeks and months later, projects after projects, the pleasure to play with Arduino did not fade away, quite the contrary.

I made tangible progress using internet publications, now it is time for me to share my own experience.

I am pleased to present my first Instructable.

The present Instructable describes a spherical quadruped robot. The base of the robot is a quadruped platform with two articulations by leg and all integrated into a spherical frame. On standby mode, the robot looks like a sphere and transforms itself into quadruped to move. An ultrasonic sensor is used to avoid clash during motion.

Weight : 440 g
Dimensions : Ø 130 mm / 5.12 in
Running Time (battery life) : 15 Min
Programming Language : Arduino C/C++”

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