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Arduino Clock (without rtc) with temperature and humidity

This project is a arduino clock made without using an rtc and it is totally accurate it also displays the temperature and the humidity

Don’t mind the look of it but it works very fine I used the arduino nano as the programming board for the project You need to set the time in the code

I am thinking to upgrade it with a few more things but till now I am just using a dht11 sensor with a LCD 16x2 along with an i2c module if you don’t have a i2c module believe me you need to buy it saves alot of wire and effort and to me the wiring along with i2c is simple so I used it you can edit the code if you want to use normal lcd display

also I used the simple DHT library which makes working with the DHT11 sensor and I changed the increase rate of seconds to 0.50 as when I finalized it with arduino nano it started moving 1 second faster idk why

so for the connects I used a DHT 11 with 4 pins and here’s its pinout”

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