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The Art Glove is a wearable glove that contains different types of sensors to control art graphics through a Micro:bit and p5.js The fingers utilize bend sensors that control r,g,b values, and the accelerometer in the Micro:bit controls x,y coordinates for the graphics. I created this project as my term project for my Wearable Technology Class as a senior in the Technology, Arts, and Media program at CU Boulder.

- Gardening gloves
- BBC Micro:Bit
- 3-4 Flex sensors
- 10K Ohm Resistors
- Hook-up Wire (Red & Black)
- Wire Clippers
- Breadboard
- Alligator clips (double sided & single sided)
- Solder
- Soldering Iron
- Needle
- Thread
- Wax Paper
- Tape
- Scissors
- Pen and Pencil”

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