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An RGB Lamp that you can control from your smartphone. It is also battery powered and can be recharged using USB type C.

Hello friends! My name is Nikolas and I am 15 years old. Today in this tutorial I’ll show you how to make a Minimalistic RGB Lamp that you can control through WiFi from your smartphone or computer. The Lamp will also be battery powered and will feature USB Type-C charging! I hope you’ll have as much fun making this as I did! Make sure to watch the YouTube video above to see the Lamp in action and to follow the instructions from there if you prefer!

Here’s a list of the required components:

Wemos D1 Mini Lite (V1)
TP4056 USB Type C (A micro USB option exists as well if you prefer)
Slide Switch (11mm x 6mm)
18650 Li-On battery
1m/60leds of WS2812B led strip
100uF Capacitor
Some Wires
White Filament
Generic Filament (PETG, PLA, ABS etc.)
You will also need:

Soldering Iron
3D Printer”

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