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Make a custom shadow box with multiple paper layers, stacked within a frame lined with NeoPixels LED lights. The light shining between the layers creates a gorgeous colorful depth to your artwork.

This tutorial takes this art form a step further with the addition of a WiFi-enabled MagTag E-Ink display. The CircuitPython code connects to the internet over WiFi and receives a real time clock / calendar feed for your location and automatically sets the clock on the MagTag display.

The real magic happens with the NeoPixel visualization code. At sunrise each day your pixels will light up with a beautiful sunrise color palette. When day breaks, your pixels will transition to a lovely daytime color palette, and then fade through a sunset palette into a starry night as the sun sets.

It’s the perfect accessory for a Smart home - a custom, handmade piece of artwork that suits the room at any time of day.”

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