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Smart Bed Side Lamp for Patients

Measuring things are easy but keep track on them are hard. When we sick doctor ask us to measure the body temperature and record it but we are very reluctant do so. It is not just temperature but blood pressure, SPO2, heart beat, blood sugar level, LDL and HDL all of them are need to be recorded for future use.

The solution is pretty much easy thanks to Microchip AVR IoT GW board. The AVR IoT GW board is the heart and the brain of the solution. Here I hooked up 3 sensors to the system. MLX90614 IR contactless temperature sensors is to measure the patient’s body temperature (specially when you are infected from some viruses such as Covid-19, measuring body temperature is very vital factor to diagnosis the disease) and MAX30100 pulse oximeter on the other hand is used measure the heart beat and blood oxygen saturation. As I mentioned previously measuring is not that hard but keep tracking those measurements are the difficult. Since AVR IoT GW is having a WIFI module, keep track of the measurements are not so difficult at all. The AVR IoT GW board collect all the sensor data and post those to Android mobile application via MQTT broker where we store all the data.

- Microchip Technology AVR-IoT WG Development Board
- MLX90614 Contactless Infrared (IR) Digital Temperature Sensor
- Maxim Integrated MAX30102 High-Sensitivity Pulse Oximeter and Heart-Rate Sensor for Wearable Health
- SparkFun APDS9960
- Adafruit NeoPixel Ring: WS2812 5050 RGB LED
- Lipo 3.7v 1000mAh Battery”

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