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Tiny Wooden Lamp

A tiny wooden lamp which looks pleasant and can create an individual lighting mood. It can be built in various sizes and wood species. To make it unobtrusive, it is completely controlled via touch sensors inside the base and has no additional switches. You just need to connect it with a usb cable.
The main idea was to see if I can use molten hot glue to create a diffusor for the LEDs. It worked out extremely well on the prototype, so I built this lamp.
Main features are:

- Completely controllable without mechanical switches
- Adequate brightness and also lower light modes
- Lightweight
- Fun to watch

- Saw
- Wood glue
- Hot glue gun with glue
- Soldering iron
- Drill
- PC/Laptop to program the arduino
- FTDI programming adapter or arduino UNO to program the arduino
- Router (alternative possible when not available)
- Sanding paper / Electric sander
- Clamps for bending the wood
- Some pans or pots to bend the wood


- Thin plywood or other wood (3-4mm)
- Thick Plywood or other wood (15-20mm)
- Arduino nano / pro mini
- SK6812 LED strip with 8 LEDs
- Some Cables
- micro usb connector or cut usb cable
- Copper foil or Aluminium foil”

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