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Arduino Based Tachometer for Gym Cycles

My grandfather tries to exercise regularly on the gym cycle he has, however, the display for the cycle is broken. Therefore he is unable to see the distance travelled by him after exercising for a certain period of time.
The LCD used on the gym cycle to display the data was custom made and could not be replicated. He was unwilling to exercise without an indication of the distance travelled.
Therefore, I came up with this solution where my grandfather could still measure the number of cycle revolutions over a certain period of time and calculate the distance travelled.
This project won’t apply for regular cycles, but for exercise bikes, it is a perfect option if the LCD display is old or damaged.
The design of the circuit is very similar to one of my previous projects: Distance sensor (for white cane). Please check it out if you would like to.…
1) 1 x 16x2 LCD screen
2) 40 x Male to Male and Male to female jumper wires. You need an assortment of male to male and male to female wire
3) 1 x HC-SR04 Ultrasonic sensor
4) 1 x Arduino Uno or Arduino Nano with its connecting cable
5) 1 x 170 point-small-breadboard
6) 1 x Potentiometer or trim pot for controlling the LCD’s contrast”

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