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UV-C Based Germs Disinfecting Machine

A touch-free germs disinfecting device that can disinfect anything from Masks, Wallets to Mobile phones, killing maximum germs using UV-C.

I always wanted to build something useful to the society and the world. Having been experienced in doing several science projects in electronics and IoT, I wanted to utilize my skills in such a way that most of the front-line workers are benefited from that. Due to the ongoing pandemic, things have changed a lot. We need to wear masks everywhere, sanitize our hands time to time, etc. One such issue that I found was, after using our mobile phones or other things outside, we often forget to sanitize them or we do it with liquid disinfectant. Thus, I wanted to build something that could help people stay away from germs by disinfecting their essentials without touching the disinfecting machine itself.

In the current era, e-Waste has been a major threat to the environment. Therefore, this project mainly relies on using the e-Waste effectively as much as possible.

UV-C Kills the germs by rupturing their cell membrane and altering their DNA/RNA

So this was the main idea in doing this project. UV disinfecting chambers have already hit the market, but one of the main feature that they all lacked was, the 360-degree all-surface disinfection. This project overcomes those limitations and disinfects all the surfaces by flipping the items automatically after disinfecting one surface.

Key Features:
Completely Touch-Free
360-degree disinfection
Kills corona viruses also
UV-C based
Interactive display
Adjustable Timer up to 12 Hrs.
Emergency stop
The micro-controller continuously monitors for any obstacles in the proximity of the IR sensors. Once there is an obstacle in the close proximity, for required amount of time (1.5 seconds in this case) an event is triggered, based on what’s displayed in the LCD.
When the open tray event is triggered, the stepper motor is driven the required number of steps to open the tray.
The same way when the close tray event is triggered, the stepper is driven until the limit switch shows a red-flag (the switch changes it’s state) so that the tray is closed.
The timer is set either to default or by measuring the distance between the ultrasonic sensor and the hand.
After choosing the disinfect option, the relay is turned ON, thus turning on the UV-C lamp. After disinfecting one surface, the items are automatically flipped with the help of servo motors while the UV is still ON.
Lastly after disinfection the tray is again opened by the stepper motor.”

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