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A simulation of a real life car parking using Arduino, Ultrasonic sensors, LCD Display and RGB LEDs.

This project is based on some car parkings, which is, an indication if the local is free or occupied, so for the simulation, I’m going to use two ultrasonic sensors, simulating two parking spots, two RGB LEDs, indicating if is occupied or not, and an I2C LCD display to show informations with images.

Thinking on that, I want to make a simple project to show this simulation and I hope I’m helping someone who was trying to do, but wasn’t with any idea of how to.

Some solutions
The first idea is to make a small, simple and functional project, so I’m not going to use too much wires, components, etc. Instead of using two red LEDs and two green LEDs, I’m going to use only two RGB LEDs, using only red and green lights from it. Here I’m using I2C LCD Display to show the images, because it just need four wires and doesn’t use any digital port.

For the images of the Display, I used custom characters, created using this Custom Character Generator.

For the ultrasonic sensor, I’m going to use this Library: Ultrasonic.h”

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