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This project help us to get our life easier. It will detect many things and show the alert on our device which can controlled by Bluetooth

I have developed all in one smart home idea which help us to face difficulties in our daily life. It makes our work easier and provide us a very high security.

The main idea to build up this project is to use a renewable resource of energy solar panel and to get best level of security with auto on off detection information and many other The function is as under We can check and keep an eye of many things through our mobile by just connecting by Bluetooth The auto detection technology of the project help to determine day and night to on light automatically accordingly On mobile we will get alert about rain.

There is many level of security We can check the distance of people from our house or door to prevent robbery or any other consequences A buzzer will start beeping in different sound accordingly to level of danger We can also turn of and on many things as per our requirements This project help us to make our life easier

Working on Basic
The whole circuit is been powered Arduino UNO (Board) and Board is powered by Rechargeable Lead Acid Battery and that is powered by Solar Panel. It contains a code which uploaded to the board. And once it simulated you can start using your circuit

The main role of working the model is based on a renewable source of energy solar energy. Solar panel is responsible for whole working of the model.

Solar panel provide power to Lead acid battery through a capacitor followed with diode which help us to provide constant voltage and constant power and also to prevent reverse charging.

We can control the whole model by using our mobile by just connecting our phone Bluetooth with the Bluetooth module present in module.

We can easily turn on and off light control the activity of all the circuit when there is no need of Automatic Light we can turn of that feature. When there is no need of object or human detection we can easily turn it of. We can get the alert on our mobile of rain and object range.

Refer to this video there is full instruction CLICK HERE

There is Multiple Usage of this Project:-

1.Auto Charge for battery.
2.Over Charge Protection of battery.
3.24x7 power supply to the whole model no need of electricity.
4.Water Detection / Rain Detection by beeping up the buzzer and glowing up the light with included Bluetooth Alert (When Connected)
5.Autoon/ Off light Controlled by LDR sensor. It detect day and night automatically and switch on the light when there is darkness and turn’s of the light when there is brightness. This Feature can also turn off and LED’s can also controlled manually by connecting Bluetooth Easily.
6.Ir sensor detect object within a set range and start beeping when there is some object within the range and glow the desired LED also display alert on our mobile (When Connected)
7.Ultrasonic sensor is the range based sensor which can detect object till 400 cm or 4 meter or 13 feet. Which make different beeping sound according to the distance and start glowing the desired LED. Also displays the level of danger and object distance from the sensor.”

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