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Hi everyone! Hope you like my project. The story behind the project is —

I live in a duplex apartment, which means if I need something from downstairs in my workshop, I will have to go down the stairs, and back up the stairs [ I work upstairs as the air conditioner is upstairs :) ] This gets very tiring especially in summers. I could just ask somebody from downstairs for the part I was looking for, (someone is always downstairs 75% of the time) but how will I get it back up? Hmm….

This led me to making a crane with Arduino to lift small payloads from downstairs to upstairs! I mean, how cool is that! Check out the video for a detailed view on how I made this project. If you are unclear about any steps, the video will surely help you out.

The supplies needed for this project are (50% will likely be around your house)-

Electronics -

A DC Motor (Mine is 12V and 60RPM with a torque of about 157.6 N-cm) x 1
Bracket for the DC Motor x1
A wooden block (30mm60mm250mm) x 1

Motor Driver (L298N Based Motor Driver Module) x 1
Arduino Uno (The brains !) x 1
Arduino Ethernet Shield x 1
Female power jack connector x 1
Male power jack connector x 1
12V Adapter x 1(Make sure you get a decent one with a current rating above 2A)
HC-05 Ultrasonic Sensor x 1
Jumper Wires
Ethernet Cable x 1
Access to power point and Ethernet (I used a WiFi Extender that was waiting to be installed)
Mechanical -

M4 x 50mm Bolts with Washers and Nuts x 8
M3 x 25mm Bolts with Nuts x 4
M3 x 20mm Bolt x 1
M3 X 20mm Male to Female Brass Hex Threaded Pillar Standoff Spacer x 7

A way to mount the device on your wall :)
Fishing line (Braided)
A plastic basket (The one which has weave pattern is a bonus )
An S-hook ( Optional, but helps in in
Tools -

A 3D printer (or access to one)
Common Tools”

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