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Poti PWM Control

This article will show you how to build a PWM Controller for e.g. motors / fans that will set the PWM-Value with a poti.
Note: You have to program an Attiny85 (other 8-Pin Attinys like Attiny13 should work too) in this project!I will not go into this process since it is very well explained in many other instructables ;-)
Beside this, this project is considered as an easy project. It took me about 2h to develop, so you should be much faster.
Bill of materials:
- Attiny85 or similar microcontroller
- Potentiometer (I use an 50kOhm)
- Voltage regulator if the motor voltage is over 5V: We will use a L7805.
- 1x5 Male Pin Header
- Breadboard or PCB (if you want to solder it)”

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