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3D Printed Racing Quadcopter

Lets make a 3D printed quadcopter frame! This frame is different compared to conventional frames wherein its more of a Cross or X, This frame is more of a Semi H/X. Compared to other frames this design will give you a lot of space especially for your FPV equipment, Gimbal, and more. Its Faster than your normal X configuration quad, just pack it with some of your favorite motors,ESC’, Batteries and receivers and your ready to go

This build will be concentrating on the frame build and electronics parts only for the tuning its up to you or your local hobbyist to help you out in tuning. (LOOK at the last step for the best way to get your quad running without doing manual tuning) Design: The design is based from the 250 Blackout mini Quad, I was inspired in our local flying which lead me to making this using my old F450 parts. The 250 Blackout frame is famous among mini Racers since its designed to crash and its length gives it the upper hand to pitch forward with ease and speed 250 size Mini Quad Race video”

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