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This is Arduino based and 3D printed nano quadcopter which flies on DC brushed motors. The name nano comes from the fact that the project is based on Arduino nano, which I think is one of the most successful dev boards ever made. This project isn’t just another Hey - look what a cool thing I made, it is instead aimed at analysing and understanding the design decisions which need to be made when designing a quadcopter, thus it will be a bit lengthy. However if you want to understand quadcopters from the bottom up - stay with me!

When I initially started working on the project (a shame to say - years ago…) I went along with Bluetooth 2.0 module as this was popular back then, however years passed by and many more Arduino modules got developed. Recently, I noticed that a couple more different nano modules such as BLE-Nano and RF-Nano (nRF24L01) are cheaply available on Aliexpress so I decided to revive this project and finally complete it. I will use BLE-Nano as the connections worked out very well and I will also want to control it using my smartphone.

One more bit, I specifically chose SMD parts available at JLCPCB Basic library and provided both Schematics and the PCB files available at EasyEDA for both, Nano Quadcopter and later improved nRF52840 Quadcopter. Some through-hole connectors and other quadcopter related essentials will still have to be sourced separately, otherwise one can preorder an already assembled PCB or order parts separately and solder them by hand.

P.S. The robot is dedicated for M.O.N.T.E.(Mobile Omnidirectional Neutralization and Termination Eradicator) killer robot from The Big Bang Theory :D”

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