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This instruction is a story about how I made an ornithopter prototype.

For those who do not know, an ornithopter is a machine designed to achieve flight by flapping wings like a real bird. The idea was to create an ornithopter from scratch, to control it remotely, and of course to make it fly.

Please do not judge; I’m not the professional of the aircraft industry. So, not everything works as I would like, but it still does.

Instead of photos, this instruction prevails by graphic schemes. The real result can be seen in a multi-series video on the Youtube channel. If you enjoy this guide, subscribe to the channel. The first series is already online.

The instruction will be corrected and supplemented with material over time. The ornithopter will also be improved.

At this moment the instructable can be divided into the following chapters:

Design. Wingspan, Weight and Flapping Frequency.
Design. Flapping Mechanism Overview.
Preparation. Motor, ESC, and Battery.
Preparation. Eletronic components.
Preparation. CNC Cutting.
Preparation. 3D Printing.
Preapration. Screws, Bearings, Metalware and other stuff.
Design. Gearbox.
Assembling. Gearbox.
Wings and Tail. Design and Components.
Wings and Tail. Patches.
Making. Wings.
Assembling. Wings.
Making. Tail.
Assembling. Tail.
Programming. XOD. UART byte protocol.
Programming. ESC.
Assembling. Wiring diagram.
Assembling. Final steps.

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