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A $15 game console the size of a business card that plays multiple games via cartridges.

The Game-Card is game console with the dimensions of a typical business card (3.5x2”). Unlike most small Arduino game consoles, the Game Card ALSO plays multiple games without having to re-flash the system, i.e. it’s actually a console, unlike the others which are really just one game. It has two parts: the card itself and the cartridge. The console is simply a shell. It contains a 5-way button (though only 4 are used), additional H (Higher) and L (Lower) buttons similar to the original GameBoy, and an OLED display. The shell is also used for powering the MCU through from a CR2302. The cartridges plug into the port on the bottom of the card to gain access to the IO, and they contain the actual MCUs with the flashed games, using the ATtiny84A. A more powerful MCU could theoretically be used in carts to expand the functionality. For instance, multiplayer carts could attach some sort of connection port Final cost is around $15 for the Game Card itself and $1 per game”

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