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Daily Running Tracker

Hi All,

It’s been a while since I made an instructable so I’d like to share something fun that I made recently. During lockdown I made my own yearly “everyday calendar” inspired by Simon Giertz’s own idea (no instructable but photo attached for those interested). My better half wanted something similar to track her running (but on a 7 day weekly basis rather than a year). It also had to keep track of how many miles she ran not just a single light indicating a task had been done or not. Additionally, I wanted it to sing and dance and do lots of shiny LED business when she exceeded her target. The idea for the daily running tracker was born, so in summary it must:

- Log miles ran every day of the week
- Compare ‘miles ran’ against a set goal for that day
- Reward the user with a celebratory song and some flashy lights
- Be small enough to fit on a desk
- Remember everything when the power was turned off (comit everything to non-volatile memory)

For this project I used:

- A 3D printer (for the enclosure designed in FreeCAD)
- M3 screws, and brass M3 inserts
- A soldering iron
- Jumper wires or wires of some kind
- x9 momentary push buttons
- x7 WS2812 addressable LED’s
- x7 SSD1306 OLED 128x32 pixel Displays
- A 4 Ohm speaker
- The DY-SV8F playback module
- An Arduino Mega
- DC barrel input
- The TCA9548A multiplexer
- Arduino Mega prototyping board”

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