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Hello Guys
Whats up, In this instructable, I am making an Awesome mini laser engraver from old DVD writers.
It’s very interesting project for any electronics hobbyist & Engineers. You can use this laser engraver machine to make any kind of design, logo, art on the surface like WOOD, MDF, PLYWOOD, VNYL Paper.

Parts and Materials Required

- Arduino UNO (with USB cable)
- 2x DVD drive stepper mechanism
- 2x A4988 stepper motor driver modules (or CNC shield)
- Laser with adjustable lens
- 12v 2Amps power supply minimum
- 1x IRFZ44N N-CHANNEL Mosfet ,etc..

Tools List:

- Soldering Iron
- Drill Machine
- Sand paper
- Wire Cutter
- Superglue
- 3D printer”

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