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Hey everyone what’s up!

So this is my Micro Fighter Bot or Micro Robot V2 which is an easy-to-make Micro Robot that is powered by an Arduino Nano board and L293D Motor driver IC. I’m using a Bluetooth Based Mobile terminal app which is available on the google play store to control this robot.

Yes, I’m using Bluetooth here, the good old HC01 module.

Materials Required

3D Printed Parts-
- Base x 1
- Motor Mount x 4
- Front Shield x 1
- Pillars x 3


- L293D Motor Driver IC
- Arduino NANO
- Custom PCB (which was provided by PCBWAY)
- Micro Gear DC Motor
- Female Header Pins
- DC Barrel Jack
- AMS1117
- 4.7uf Cap 1206 Package
- 22uf Cap 1206 Package
- SMD LED 0603 Package
- 1K Resistance 0603 Package
- HC01 Module
- Battery JST Connector”

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