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Hello makers in this post about DIY automatic Arduino based bobbin winding machine.

Bobbins are the small metal spools used in sewing machine, bobbins are filled with thread to stich cloths.

This bobbins are frequently getting empty and you need to rewind it with thread again and again.

So I made this machine it can automatically wind thread to maximum 12 bobbins in single run. there are already many bobbin winding machines are available in market.

But there prices are more than 500$ but my this DIY arduino based bobbin winding machine can build under 100$.

Material Required
Below is the list of Item which I used to build this machine, material is totally depends how you design your machine.

Arduino Nano———————1
L293D IC—————————1
A4988 Stepper driver———–2
Nema 17 Stepper motor——–2
775 DC motor——————–1
Motor Clamp———————1
SK8 8MM shaft clamp———-5
SCL8UU bearing—————–4
8mm smooth rod—————-1mtr
T8 lead Screw——————–1mtr
T8 nut——————————2
20 x 20 Alu. profile————–2mtr
6mm Acrylic sheet————–8 sqft
16×2 LCD Display—————1
10k pot—————————-1
Push Button———————-1
Nichrome Wire———————10cm
5V relay—————————1”

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